An intensive Machine Learning Camp focusing on Deep Learning for one week will be organized by different Entrepreneurs and Researchers coming from England, UK at ENSIAS, Rabat Morocco.
The first edition of DL camp that combines a series of workshops will be held in 24-28 October 2016. For more details please check the detailed program here.
Exemple: Deep Learning for Image Segmentation ; Go beyond detecting individual objects within an image and instead segment the image into spatial regions of interest. Just like in medical imagery analysis it is often important to separate the pixels corresponding to different types of tissue, blood or abnormal cells so that we can isolate a particular organ. In this lab we will use the TensorFlow deep learning framework to train and evaluate an image segmentation network using a medical imagery dataset. Check Our Detailed Program here.
The program is focused on employability and the opportunities to start companies in Morocco
We will tell you more about :
  • The new Google Translate
  • The OpenImage Dataset
  • Graph Powered Machine Learning
We are planning to run subsequent workshops and code camps on
  •  Deep Learning for Image Analysis
  • High Performance Computing with GPUs
  • Big Data, Machine Learning and Genomics/ Bioinformatics
  • Recommender Engines
  • Text, Social media and Sentiment Analysis
We will also run one or more Seminars on Machine Learning for Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople.
Getting Started with Deep Learning !? You want to know more !? Get in touch Today !

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Dr Diana  Maynard ; Research fellow at the University of Sheffield, UK.
Mr. Frank William Domoney ; Director at Glencroft Ltd – Virtualisation, Big Data & Cyber Security in the Smart City, London,UK.
Dr Paul Richmond ; Research software engineer and expert in complex systems simulations at the University of Sheffield, UK.
Alison B. Lowndes ; Artificial Intelligence DevRel at NVIDIA and Researcher in deep learning and neural networks at the University of Leeds, UK.

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