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Exemple: Deep Learning for Image Segmentation ; Go beyond detecting individual objects within an image and instead segment the image into spatial regions of interest. Just like in medical imagery analysis it is often important to separate the pixels corresponding to different types of tissue, blood or abnormal cells so that we can isolate a particular organ. In this lab we will use the TensorFlow deep learning framework to train and evaluate an image segmentation network using a medical imagery dataset. Check Our Detailed Program here

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Dr .Diana  Maynard ; Research fellow at the University of Sheffield, UK.
Mr. Frank William Domoney ; Director at Glencroft Ltd – Virtualisation, Big Data & Cyber Security in the Smart City, London,UK.
Dr.Paul Richmond ; Research software engineer and expert in complex systems simulations at the University of Sheffield, UK.
Pr.Alison Lowndes ; Entrepreneur at nvidia and Researcher in deep learning and neural networks at the University of Leeds, UK.


Why should I spend 2000 Dirhams? What’s in it for me?

The IT world changed radically in 2013 and the IT we have been taught for 30 years is now obsolete.  It continues to change in a way that shakes economies and companies to their foundations

Coming to a course that teaches the basic Machine Learning techniques of Supervised and Unsupervised Learning, and Recommendation Systems  and Graph Processing will get you entry to the global club of Up to Date people.

Follow it up with the really exciting application of these techniques to Sentiment Analysis and Text Recommendation Engines, GPU Cluster Computing and Massive Simulations and Deep Learning and suddenly you are very attractive to employers and your peers all over the world..

Demand for all these skills worldwide is enormous so you can choose what you would like to specialise in either as an Academic, as a Highly Paid Employee or Civil Servant or as an Entrepreneur or even all three.

Application Areas

In alphabetic order, these are areas of application of the technology you can specialise in

Agent Based Modelling

Simulation of the behaviour of population systems.

Automotive and Robotic

Vision systems for Robotic Vehicles and Vision Equipped Robotic Systems

Basic Mathematical Computing

A library of Linear and Tensor Algebra routines


A set of routines for analysing large volumes of data  for anomalies

Deep Learning

Training and Deployment of neural networks for pattern recognition


Time Series Analysis  and other predictive and modelling techniques.

Financial Trading

Time series analysis and other mass processing systems


Modelling and analysis of DNA, Genes, Genotypes and Phenotypes

  • Human and Medical

Precision medicine and mass population screening.

  • Plant

Analysis of plant genomes and their modification for better yield.

  • Veterinary

Analysis of animal genomes and their modification


Analysis of seismic movements and shocks

High Performance Computing

Do you know enough to join the Exascale Project or the EU Exascale Technologies programme?

Image and Video Processing

Deep learning allows learning of classification of images and frames from videos.

Machine Learning

All the standard functions can be supported if standard frameworks like Spark and Flink are supported

Medical Image Recognition

A specialised variant of Image recognition linked to medical diagnosis

Smart City and IOT applications

Traffic people and economic flow modelling and monitoring

Text Processing

Text Analysis, Classification Translation and Summarisation.

Innovation Incubation and Start-ups

All the application areas described above are shortage areas worldwide so start-ups who have the skills will be highly marketable.

If there is the demand we will bring in someone from the Digital Catapult in UK who has sold four companies so far

English Language Teaching

We will investigate with British Council how we can get you some Technical English Boot camp and use the automatic translation facilities of Deep Learning to help

Student Funding

We will look into how we can set up a loan scheme to help you pay for training that you can repay from your salary once you get a new job

Deep Learning: Impact on Modern Life – Alison B Lowndes at IntelliSys 2015 –

Talk Title: Deep Learning – Impact on Modern Life
Abstract: Alison will explain in detail how graphical processing units (GPUs) enable various deep learning techniques. She will include use cases across a wide area of industry plus the latest news on NVIDIAs toolkits and software, including DIGITS, their open-source Deep Learning platform.Check here